School Rules

Hall Rules

Respect personal space.

Use proper hallways to enter and exit the building.

Walk quietly in the halls at all times.

Carry a hall pass when outside of the classroom.

Be with your class or have a pass.

Do not sit or slide on handrails.

Carry playground equipment quietly.

Walk on steps one at a time (do not jump).


Restroom Rules

Use proper bathroom manners.

Keep walls and floors clean.

Use quiet voices.

Use supplies wisely.

When finished, leave quickly.


Lunchroom Rules

Enter and exit quietly

Wait quietly in line

Sit at assigned tables and eat politely (no food throwing).

Clean up your area and clear your tray properly.

Leave all food in the lunchroom.


Playground Rules

Respect yourself and others.

Be concerned with safety always-for your self and others.

No fighting and no contact sports.

Use appropriate language.

Stay in assigned playground area.

Use equipment properly.

Remain outside during recess.

Report problems to the adult on duty.

If it looks to rough, it is too rough!


Auditorium Rules

Enter and exit quietly with your class.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Sit flat and quietly in assigned places.

Listen with respect.

Applaud when is appropriate.