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School Procedures

2021-2022 Time Schedule and Procedures


  • Breakfast will be served in the classroom this year.
  • 8:00 a.m. Student should be here at this time for the first bell.
  • 8:05 a.m. Late Bell
  • AT 8:05 a.m. or after for accountability reasons all students must check in the main office.  (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    • When a student is late, that student must obtain an admittance slip from the main office.


  • School gets out at 2:30 pm Monday – Thursday
  • School gets out at 1:00 pm on Fridays as well as all early release dates scheduled on the school calendar.


Parent/Guardian needs to physically come into the main office to check out their student, you cannot check out a student over the phone. The office staff will contact your student’s classroom. PLEASE DO NOT go in to your student’s classroom to pick them up during school hours.

  • Parents/Guardians must present a PICTURE IDENTIFICATION and must be listed on the student’s registration card, if you’re not on the registration card then you’re unable to check out the student. Office staff will contact legal parent/guardian to notify that someone who is not listed on the registration is attempting to check out their student. Parents please notify office for any contact changes on your student’s registration card.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign the CHECK OUT KIOSK/CHECK OUT SHEET
  • Parents/Guardians MUST WAIT IN THE MAIN OFFICE FOR THEIR STUDENT Please do not wait in the hallways or lobby, or go to student’s classroom.


PHONE CALL WILL NOT EXCUSE your student’s absence, please send a written excuse note to the main office or write an email to within 24 hours of being absent. There is also an Absence Excusal Form located on the school website that can be used to excuse absences.  

IF GOING ON VACATION OR FAMILY REUNION, you need fill out a different form called, Request for extended excused absences during educational time, it can be found on our Bennion Web Page or you can obtain the form from the main office.

  • Utah Compulsory Attendance Laws (Code 53A-11-101-105) require that every school age child be enrolled in school and attend regularly. Students may be excused from school attendance for valid and legitimate reasons: illness, medical appointments, family emergency, death of family member or close friend, and observance of religious holidays. Family activity or travel requires prior approval of school principal.

Parent School Compact



*This document is meant to be a trifold brochure.